Taking care of Mirrors

Mirrors require special care when being cleaned. While the mirror surface is ordinary annealed glass (Annealing of glass is a process of slowly cooling hot glass objects after they have been formed, to relieve residual internal stresses introduced during manufacture.), the back of the mirror consists of a coat of silver, which causes the glass […]


Glass Balustrading care and maintenance tips

Glass is a material commonly used in balustrading. It appeals to a lot of property owners because it can give a chic and modern appeal to a home or building. It also requires low maintenance; however, this should not be an excuse to neglect regular care for your glass balustrading. If you want it to last […]


General Cleaning Recommendations for Glass

There are basic guidelines that, if followed, and in addition to those referred to specifically for toughened glass, will avoid scratching of the glass surface during cleaning. What not to do Do not use cleaners that contain hydrochloric or phosphoric acid, as they are corrosive to the glass surface. Do not clean glass when it is […]


 How to find a Reliable Glazier in Perth, Australia

When you need a window in your home or business repaired, you want fast, reliable and professional service from a glazier.   You may not have time to ask friends for references, but you could quickly type “glass repair Perth” into a search engine to see what options are available, look for a skilled glazier […]


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