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Perth Family Business

From the beginning Prompt Glass has been a West Australian family-owned and operated business.

20 years ago it was just my brother and I who started out by replacing glass for residential windows while my wife did the bookwork from home, as we had a young son to raise as well as starting the business.

Safe And Secure As Soon As Possible

The business started to grow and so did our reputation for giving prompt service. Over the years I learnt that prompt service was the most important ingredient to keeping clients happy and giving them peace of mind. This was true both for businesses and for people in their homes, so that they would be safe and secure as soon as possible, allowing them to get on with their lives once again after dealing with what can be quite a traumatic experience.

Prompt And Professional Glass Replacement

I have always, and continue to as a priority, work on replacing windows and glass as soon as possible, with no waits or stops for the client. This means that my clients don’t have to wait around, they can get their problem solved without too much hassle for them – just one phone call to Prompt Glass.

On many occasions I have turned up in the early hours of the morning to find a shop owner trying to put their shop or business back together, scratching their head thinking why did someone do so much damage for $100, or sometimes zero dollars when nothing had been taken, and the shop owner is left with a big damage bill for no reason.

Because I have seen this so many times I personally made it my goal to get there and get the place secure as soon as possible.

As the business continued to grow more employees were hired, one of these is still with us today after 20 years and another for 13 years.

I have passed onto each and every one of my employees my goal of getting the premises secured and glass repairs and replacements carried out as soon as possible. They all understand this and work towards this goal.

We continued to work from home for many years, but as the Prompt Glass reputation grew so did our workload. Finally, the time came to move out of the house and into a dedicated factory.

Shortly after moving into our factory, I hired the Production Manager who is still with us eleven years on.

My 21 year old son works for me and has been for the last few years, he now goes out on his own to replace windows and is very competent. I also have both of my nieces working with my wife in the office.

So even after 20 years Prompt Glass is still a genuinely West Australian owned and operated Perth family business.

Residential & Commercial Shopfront Window Replacement
We still replace glass for residential windows (just as we did when we first started), but we now specialize in replacing very large commercial shopfront windows on a regular basis, and a whole range of sizes and types of windows in between.

We continue to have a very good reputation as a Perth family business with our clients because we always live up to our name and are prompt.

Windows And Glass Replaced Anytime Day Or Night
Whether its 3am or 2pm, if a client needs a window replaced due to an emergency then we will get there promptly to secure the site and carry out the repairs.

At Prompt Glass We Guarantee To Respond To Your Emergency Call Within 10 Minutes

We look forward to assisting you if ever the need arises.

Online Request for Quote will only be attended to during business hours.