Tips for Regular Window Maintenance in Australia

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As you go about your house-care routine, do not overlook window maintenance. It is an important measure that will keep your windows in good condition and extend their longevity. Well-maintained windows enhance the security and appearance of your home. Temperature fluctuations, rain, dust, and debris all take their shots at windows. This contributes to a high amount of wear and tear. Below are some maintenance tips for windows.


Wipe down wooden windows regularly with a damp cloth as this helps to remove dust and dirt. Avoid using too much water as it is likely to encourage rot due to contact with moisture.
Wash aluminum-framed windows with a mild detergent and soft scrubbing brush.
A glass cleaner can help leave your windows extra sparkling clean.

Regular Inspection

Undertake a thorough inspection of your windows every 3-6 months. Check the condition of the window frame and sash. Use a metal probe to look for signs of rot, which could indicate moisture infiltration.
Check for signs of moisture in double or triple-paned windows. This indicates that the seal has failed and has to be replaced as a failed seal reduces the insulation capacity of your windows.
The Australian sun can be brutal and can cause certain areas of the frame to become brittle and warp. Paint may have peeled off in certain areas.
If you have weather stripping on your windows, check the condition during inspection. Make arrangements for replacement if the stripping has worn out.
Check for any gaps between the window casing and wall. These can be filled with a silicone.


Gaps around your window allow air to come in and encourage loss of warm air from within. This reduces the energy efficiency of your home, leading to higher energy costs for you.
Replace all worn out rubber seals. This helps to reduce air and water leaks. It also helps to secure the window in place.
Use  silicone to help you seal your windows.


Re-paint wooden and metal window frames every three to four years. It helps protect them from the elements and maintains their appearance. Always apply paint onto windows that have been well cleaned. Be careful not to paint over moving parts or a shut window, as the window will get stuck.

Damaged Parts

Attend to any cracks, holes, and splinters in the window promptly. The longer you to take to address damaged areas, the more the window will deteriorate. Once you identify the rotted sections in wooden windows, use a screwdriver to clean out the bad wood and then fill the cracks and holes with epoxy putty. Use several layers for the best results. Once the putty dries, smooth the area with sandpaper and then apply primer and paint.
Like damaged frames, cracked or broken glass requires your immediate attention. Repair or replace your windowpane quickly to secure your home and prevents accidental cuts by the broken glass.
Regular window maintenance will keep your home looking good. Not only that, but it will help you save on energy costs!
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