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Prompt Glass is your local glass company with an extensive range of services suited to your residential needs. Our services include the replacement of windows, internal and external doors, mirrors, shower screens, pool fencing, and more!

The team at Prompt Glass pride themselves on being able to replace the glass at your home quickly, with security and safety as a top priority with all of our customers.

Residential Glass Replacement

At Prompt Glass we can replace any type of glass, interior or exterior, and be at your property at the earliest time convenient to you. In the event of a glass emergency, contact our team immediately and we will take care of the whole process for you, from cleaning up the broken glass right through to installing and securing your new glass. Non-emergency residential jobs are done the same day or next day depending on workload, always considering the best available time for you.

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The repair, replacement, and installation of glass at commercial properties is what we do best at Prompt Glass. We are here to protect your property, your people, and the public in the event of a glass emergency.

Our glaziers share over 30 years of experience in emergency commercial glass repairs in Perth and have a diverse range of skills and practical knowledge.  During that time the team at Prompt Glass has dealt with various types of situations so no job is too big, or too small!

Commercial Glass repair

Broken or fractured glass doesn’t just occur in the home. We are often called out to offices and retail shop owners to repair glass onsite. We will attend all jobs to examine the damage and if we are unable to fix it on the spot (due to size or type of glass), we will secure your premises immediately and return to complete the job as soon as possible at a time convenient to you. Our aim is to provide you with the best solution!

Commercial Glass Replacement

In the event of broken or shattered glass at your office or retail shop front, contact the team at Prompt Glass who will aim to arrive at your property within the hour*, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is recommended that you do not touch any of the glass, including the supporting frame, however we do advise you securing the area to prevent any injury to your staff or the public, as well as reducing the possibility of any further damage. Prompt Glass will take care of the whole process, including cleaning up the broken glass right through to installing and securing your new glass.

*Conditions apply
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