Full Range of Glass Replacement Services

We specialize in 24 hour emergency glass replacement, both commercial and residential, including the following:

24/7 Emergency Shopfront Glass Replacement

We’re on call 24/7 for all shopfront glass replacements

General Domestic and Commercial Glazing

All types of General Domestic and Commercial Glazing

Shower Screens

Replacement of glass or upgrade to new shower

Damaged Flyscreen, Security Screen and Security Door Repairs

We can also replace Fly Screens while attending to glass replacement and repairs.

Domestic and Commercial Break-ins

Repairs and replacement of glass, window/door locks, and aluminium frames.

Window Tinting, Safety Film, and Security Film

We can also replace Window Tint Film, Safety Film and Security Film while attending to glass replacement and repairs

Examples of businesses using our range of glass replacement services and the work we do

Commercial shop in Perth CBD with broken shopfront window

We received a phone call at 2am from an anxious shop owner who had been contacted by the Police after a break-in at his shop.

He thanked us for returning his call promptly and said “I’ve tried several companies but you are the first one to respond.”

He explained how his shopfront window was badly broken and he was hoping we could replace it straight away.

We let him know that we will be there within half an hour to assess the situation and if we can’t replace the glass straight away we will patch the shopfront window and make sure that the premises are secure.

We were there within 30 minutes and he was quite relieved as at that time of the morning, he felt a bit vulnerable with no-one around and a big hole in his shopfront window and him trying to protect his goods.

We measured for a new shopfront window and then patched the hole to the broken window with laminated glass to make it secure.

We said that we will see you in the morning at about 8.30 or 9am.

When we turned up at 9am with the new shopfront window and 4 men ready to take out the old, broken one and replace with the new panel, he could not thank us enough for our prompt, professional service.

Rental Property

We deal with a lot of real estate companies. If there is a break-in to one of the houses they manage, they either ring or email us themselves.

We have been dealing in the emergency service industry for some time and understand that after being broken into, people like to know that they can get their house secure as soon as possible.

So if we receive a phone call on our after-hours service, the glazier knows to return the call immediately.

It is amazing how someone who has had their house turned upside down can calm down dramatically just knowing that someone cares and someone will attend to their situation promptly.

We go out to their house and assess the situation and ask if the police have been and are they going to send forensics? Forensic police attend usually to try and get fingerprints so they can track down the person who broke into the premises.

If we know the Forensic Police have not been yet and are going to attend, we are more cautious with the way we remove the glass so we do not smudge or affect any possible fingerprints. We then put that glass aside and carry out the repairs fully to secure the property and clean up any other broken glass so that the house is secure and the tenant can try and get things back to normal as soon as possible.

Here is an email we received from a happy tenant:

Name: Terry
Subject: Excellent Service!
Message: Hi. We had a break-in at our house today. Our rental agent gave us your contact details to have the smashed window fixed. I called your after hours number and gave our details. I received a call back immediately from one of your staff who came to fix the window within ½ hour. Fast, efficient and friendly service. Thank you for giving us a peaceful night’s sleep!


We received a phone call at 4am from a restaurant owner in Fremantle. His shopfront window had been broken and after only being home for a couple of hours and then being called back to his restaurant, he was rather tired and annoyed.

He rang us and we returned the call straight away and he said: “Thank you. You are the third company that I have tried. The first one said we don’t have anyone available until the morning and after that, he said this is the damn morning and the person said, sorry I meant after 8am. The second one said that we can’t get there for at least 4 hours. Do you want us to book you in?

And the third one was Prompt Glass who said we will be there promptly and we arrived within half an hour!

We cleaned up the broken glass and patched the broken shopfront window which made the premises secure. We said we can be back by 9am the next morning, but the restaurant owner said, I really appreciate that but due to my lack of sleep, can we make it 11am?

We said, not a problem. We will call you at 11am to give you half an hour’s notice and will meet you back at the restaurant.

We contacted him in the morning and arranged to be there at 11.30 am and being a large shopfront window 4 glaziers were required. We carried out the replacement promptly and the end result was another happy customer.

He was also very happy because we gave him a discount on his excess.

Small Business/Office

We deal with all sorts of situations. Here are a couple of examples. We got called out one afternoon when an elderly gentleman in his late 70’s was parked across from a hair salon and he put his car into reverse. Then instead of hitting the brake he hit the accelerator and panicked. You can imagine what happened next.

The car impacted the shopfront, sending broken glass crashing all over the place. The car was embedded in the shopfront framework. Luckily no-one was hurt but the business owner was frantic. We were called and were there to assess the situation within twenty minutes. The tow truck and Police had just arrived and the tow truck was about to drag the car out of the shop. After the car was removed we were able to measure up for boarding materials. We rallied the troops and within the hour we were back with all of the necessary boarding.

The Police had finished taking photos and gave us okay to proceed.

We removed the damaged shopfront frame and cleaned up all of the glass and then set about boarding up the shop to make secure.  We also fitted a temporary door. The lady was able to continue work the next morning and we returned within two days with the new shopfront.

We fitted the new shopfront and installed safety glass which hadn’t been in the original shopfront, to bring it up to Australian Standards.

The client was very happy and back trading fully within 2 days after the accident occurred.

Another Prompt job well done.

Second example:

Office Manager was rung at 11pm at night by the Police to inform them that a car had come around the corner too fast and had gone through their shopfront window and also smashed their internal glass partitioning.

We were called to site and the office manager said we have organized a security guard to stay at the premises for the night, so can you please come back first thing in the morning. At that point we measured up for the boarding materials that were required to secure the premises.

We arrived at 8am and had 4 glaziers and board-up materials on hand. We cleaned up the mess and then measured for new internal glazing and shopfront and boarded up to make secure.

We then ordered the materials, fabricated the new shopfront and came back at 8am the next day and installed the new shopfront and internal glass partition.

The comment from the client was: “Gee we are glad we called Prompt Glass. You really live up to your name.” They were very thankful that we understood the urgency in getting their business up and operating as soon as possible so there was the least amount of inconvenience and downtime possible.

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