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Glass is a material commonly used in balustrading. It appeals to a lot of property owners because it can give a chic and modern appeal to a home or building. It also requires low maintenance; however, this should not be an excuse to neglect regular care for your glass balustrading. If you want it to last looking shiny and new, follow these tips:

Protect your glass balustrade.

Apply protection to your glass balustrade by treating it with a special kind of wax. This can make the balustrade easier to clean, and it can also lessen the frequency of cleaning needed. Additionally, you can use protective coating so that your balustrading won’t be easily scratched or damaged.

Clean your glass balustrade regularly.

One thing you need to constantly look out for is dirt as it’s very easy to notice dust or other kinds of dirt on a glass balustrade. Keep your balustrade sparkling by cleaning it regularly. However, make sure that you’re using mild products to avoid scratches or any form of damage on the glass surface—avoid abrasive, alcohol-based, or acidic cleaning products. Simply wash your balustrading with a mild detergent; afterwards, use dry, soft cloth to ensure a perfect, scratch-free finish.

Regularly check your glass balustrading for damage.

Check for loose glass or fixings, scratches, or any damage to the glass balustrade. Do this every few months so you can be sure that it’s in top condition and it won’t be posing dangers to people—broken glass, for instance, can lead to a nasty injury.





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