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What are double glazed windows?

Double Glazed Windows are also known as IGUs (Insulated Glass Unit). This  combines multiple panes of glass into one single window system. Most of these are made with 2 panes, hence the ‘Double’ in Double Glazed Windows. These are mainly used to cut energy costs. Here in Perth, Western Australia, it get’s very hot so these are popular to cut cooling costs in a lot of homes already. The panes of glass are separated by a spacer and a still layer of air or gas. Then the glass is fitted into window frames which is manufactured wider to accommodate the size of the two panes.

The benefits of double glazing?

  • Reduces Heating Costs In Winter
  • Reduces Cooling Costs In Summer
  • Minimising Noise
  • Reduces High Frequency Noises (Human Voices)
  • Comfortable Temperature When Close To The Glass
  • Reduced Condensation On Glass
  • Reduced Formation Of Mould
  • Safer From Criminals (Harder To Break)
  • More Secure House (Stronger Windows)

More details on Double Glazing can be found in this article.


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